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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Work Travel messes with my tri-training

First of all, to get to a 7am PAC breakfast, that means a 5am run on EASTERN time (I'm a CST kind of girl).

Then, the hotel gym and pool are only open 9am-9pm, so that means no weights or swimming while here, because frankly I'm working from 7am-11pm (yes, we finally finished our dinner at 11pm last night). There's only so many squats, situps, and crunches I can do in my room before getting bored.

Alcohol. There's a lot of it here. It's free. Everyone is doing it. Hard to resist "just one" glass of wine (because it doesn't seem to stop there). The first reception of the NGFA I did have tonic and lime with the intent to run later, but again, a late dinner with customers derailed that plan.

I know being "off" for 3 days wouldn't hurt a normal person, but I already get sidetracked from my planned workouts with just normal mommyness stuff that comes up. I swear that if it wasn't for lunchtime workouts, I would never be able to do this. Even those gets sidetracked by the activity the pays my mortgage. Some days, it's just too hard to leave the office and walk the 100 yards to the gym. I need to be better about walking away from 75 minutes. No one will die.

So, heading home today then my next challenge is not to be too sidetracked by my dad being in town for the first time in years. He'll just have to understand, and maybe even come run with me ;)

So, today wasn't a total loss. Up at 520, run 3.5 miles, PAC breakfast at 7am, then general session at 8am..... I'm on a roll!

(isn't it great that I can post this from my blackberry while listening to the blah blah blah of legislative concerns within our industry?)


Sam said...

Welcome to the Nerds! It's a great group and lots of fun.

If you're looking for a good "noob" run, Mon and Tues at SMP are a good place to start. The trails are much easier than at Wyco, but don't let Wyco scare you too much.

I personally like Thurs at Wyco the best - it's a little bit wilder. My husband and I are there almost every week. *Hint hint* :)

Good luck with tri training and I hope to meet you on the trails!

Sam said...

Carrying over from our quick exchange on twitter last week... Keep in mind that if you are traveling, doing any kind of training will allow you to hold on to your general fitness.

If you are forced to do the treadmill, stairmaster, or elliptical because you can't get outside or don't have access to a bike or a pool, that's fine.

The trick is just to not freak out and try to make up all the missed workouts. That's a recipe for injury and burnout. Once they're gone, they're gone.

As long as you're getting your long run, swim and bike in each week, you should be fine.

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Post-Tri Hug
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