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Thursday, April 27, 2006

PostHeaderIcon Some Christians Can't Leave Yoga Alone

originally posted on myspace.com on April 27, 2006

Oh for pete's sake..... are you serious? (for the record, I am not making fun of fundamentalists, everyone has a right to their beliefs, I just find this a silly thing to split hairs over. that's all.... my opinion, nothing more, nothing less.).

Here's a link to the article (article in full below):
Yoga with a Christian Bent

Because something is steeped in a religious tradition other than your own, you stand a chance of committing a crime against God and your values? Is this what they are really suggesting?

Could these close-minded group consider for a moment that
Learning from other traditions while staying within your own is totally possible?

Contrary to what they might fear about the perils of integrating Eastern disciplines and attitudes, within another tradition, they might discover what they are seeking - - centeredness (is that a word?). The various Hindu and Buddhist practices give very basic and effective ways to quiet agitation in his body and mind. In turn, that tranquility allows a deeper kind of awareness to surface and awakened a natural sense of love and compassion. Stilling the mind will never drew you away from Jesus Christ; it draws you closer.

After all, the body itself is neither Hindu nor Baptist nor Catholic nor Muslim.

Most of us don't realize that the various religions we engage in have been influenced and enlivened in some way by different beliefs and practices around them. None of them has existed in a vacuum. In a similar way, what we learn as individuals from a spiritual tradition other than our own can infuse vitality into our path. Do you think these Christians realize that many of our traditions coincide with pagan festivals?

Coming from a fundamentalist upbringing (and I am now considered a "bad" Christian by many family members due to my open-mindedness on many subjects), I know this attitude expressed in this article is not held only by a select few.

Honestly, if these people were secure in their faith, they would not worry about something like meditation interfering.

Ok, this rant is done....

Article in Full :

April 25, 2006 The poses may be the same as in the Hindu version of yoga, but the philosophy associated with the practice has been reinvented by those of a different faith.
"I approach each class as a way to share with people something great about their faith," said Christian yoga instructor Susan Bordenkircher.

Her class, "Outstretched in Faith," is a switch from traditional yoga, which has its roots in the Hindu religion and predates Christianity.

The original goal of Yoga was to develop self-awareness and help individuals find divinity within themselves.

But those Hindu ideals offend some Christians. Bordenkircher said that as a devout Methodist, when she first tried yoga she loved the exercise but not the Hindu-based chanting.

"It made me feel uncomfortable. It made me feel as if those were elements that I certainly did not want to participate in," Bordenkircher said.

So she joined a growing trend of modifying traditional yoga by replacing many of the chants with biblical phrases or Christian themes. While breathing in, she speaks of inhaling the holy spirit.

Still Yoga? Purists Disagree

There are clear physical benefits to this activity regardless of the philosophy, as it stretches the muscles and relaxes the body.

But yoga purists say that without Hinduism this simply isn't yoga.

"If you take a tree and chop off its roots, then you don't have a tree, do you?" said Subhas Tiwaris, a professor of yoga philosophy.

"Yoga is mind, body, spirit. You want to make those separations," he said.

But Bordenkircher bristles at this charge and defends her practice.

"There is no way that you can take a posture that is from a body that God created and say this can only be used for the Hindu faith," Bordenkircher said

Monday, April 24, 2006

PostHeaderIcon Do you know why I get my news from The Daily Show?

originally posted on myspace.com April 24, 2006

Because Jon Stewart will not spend more time on Tom & Katie's baby than on the Egyptian terrorist attacks today, the new mass grave found in Iraq, or newest update on the Israel/Palestinian conflict.

Why is it their baby news required 2 min on national news, yet the Iraq War update was about half.

Of course!! *** slapping self on forehead *** Obviously, because 93.5% [my guess] of Americans would rather hear about their baby (and did she REALLY endure silent birth per the Scientology method of birth?) than genocide in Darfur, bombings, nuclear programs, or any of the other relevant news in our lives.

It may not be pretty or "fun" but it's reality. Though, for most people, if it's not reported on, it's not really happening.......
Friday, April 21, 2006

PostHeaderIcon My Series of Unfortunate Events......

originally posted on myspace.com April 21, 2006

While reading this, you may want to refrain from drinking anything as it might it up on your monitor.

OK, it all started Thursday with a employee ripping my ass over what I determined to be a lot of ego problems he's having and with his lack of success, but I'll go into that at a later time. His 40 minute rant obviously made him feel better. And really, what 40-year-old man wants a 29-year-old-woman (despite the fact I've been trading 8.5 years) to "manage" him????

I went home that night with a migraine thinking I could sleep the day off.


My step-dad went into the hospital that night with severe dehydration and bronchitis (he has emphysema to begin with). I got about an hour of sleep at that night.

** migraine plus lack of sleep **

At 8am I am supposed to address " **unnamed employee** Concerns" but I chose not to because of lack of sleep. Now I am accused of avoiding issues. Well, I am not a happy person when I don't get my sleep and you know the saying.... "if you can't say something nice....."

At 11am I go to the Johnson County Courthouse to take care of an issue.... so I went and lost (long story short).

**sniffle sniffle**

I'm sitting on the square trying not to cry. I need to hurry and get out of Olathe so I can stop in and see how my step-dad was doing at Shawnee Mission Hospital...... and as I back out........

what the **Crash**???

Yes, I hit another car who was also backing out on the square. Luckily, damage was minor (my rear panel has a slight dent). Of course 1/2 of the Sheriffs Department was having lunch at the coffee shop on the square and had to come running out to inspect.

** crying **
** wondering how much my deductible is **

As determined by the 7 unformed Sheriffs standing there...... no report was necessary and we exchanged business cards

** wiping brow **
**crying harder than before (which makes me look like an ass) **

As I back away.... call my brother and he starts laughing his ass off and asks how much worse can your day get???

** feeling optimistic that the worst is behind me **
****** Murphey is laughing, but I can't hear him********

Go back to work and have to deal with angry employee who is giving me the cold shoulder.... WTF?

Day is almost over, the end is in sight. I have to go to my church class and frankly, I'm looking forward to seeing the other 9 people, they are a great group.

While driving to class I'm talking to a friend on the phone and Abby is in the backseat and suddenly yells out, "I think I'm going to puke". Either I or the person I'm talking to hangs up because, TRUST ME, you do not want to ignore a 4yo who says that.

We pull over and talk and she feels better, so we continue to church. As we are getting out of the car.....

** spirits lifting as I look forward to spending the next 2 hours with my small group **

......she gives me a weird looks and PUKES all down the DRVIERS seat. And then she started crying and pukes again.

** instantly breaks out laughing and reassuring her everything is ok ** (seriously at this point, THAT was the classic ending, not the car wreck)

I call her dad to come get her and bring me some towels and basically the rest of the evening was uneventful. After he picked her up and I cleaned up my car, went to class and was able to get 5 hours of sleep last night.

** still a little edgy from lack of sleep **

Today.... I believe the reign of Murphey is over. But I refused to say that outloud.

So, that really has to be the worst 24hour period of the last 6 months at least.

** laughing as I write this because my poor writing skills can not convey how bad of a day this was and the range of emotions I experienced**

So, next time your day is bad, bookmark this, come back and read it and realize that while my day COULD HAVE been worse, certainly, this ranks in the top 10 worst 24 hour periods of my life.

Have a great day.

Moral of the story : Do not tempt Murphey, he has a wicked sense of humor.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

PostHeaderIcon I have enough connectivity to make me want to kill myself

originally posted on myspace.com on April 18, 2006
I have enough connectivity to make my want to kill myself

As I received a call last night at 9:30 from someone needing information for a container that was being held up in customs...... I realized I have just enough connectivity to make me want to kill myself

Honestly. I have:
  • two desks
  • laptop computer
  • two desktop computers
  • a scanner
  • a printer/fax/copier
  • a cell phone
  • A PDA
  • a headset
  • ten zillion loose CDs/DVDs and miscellaneous documentation packets scattered about
  • not to mention all the personal pieces of technology, digital camera, video camera, etc.
Wanna know which pieces are on the fritz?

The ones I need to do my job. Yup. Somebody please shoot me. If i can't connect to the network while someone is calling me with a problem, what good is all that technology?

My cell phone, the one all my business calls forward to? Well, it dials nicely, and people can hear me loud and clear, but I can't hear a thing. If I hunch over with my hands clamped over my ears and around the phone, squeeze my eyes shut and do Kegels, I can just barely hear a gnat-like buzzing instead of my voice mail, my coworker, Mom, Mr. President, whomever.

Also? My laptop broke up with the wireless network last Thursday and won't even recognize it now. The IT guy and I have been over every byte of the damn thing and can't figure it out, so it's now all packaged up and waiting for the FedEx man (at least he's cute and it's an excuse to talk to a cute guy during the day - lol).

And I gotta tell you, there's nothing quite like realizing mid-installation that the serial codes are written on the CD. Mmm-mm.

*load again*
*click again*
*click again*
*click again*
*click again*
*type again*
*type again*
*type again*
*click again*
"Fuck a duck!"
*eject again*
*enter zeroes in place of the letter "o"*
*read yet again*
*load yet again*
*click yet again*
*click yet again*
*click yet again*
*click yet again*
*type yet again*
*type yet again*
*type yet again*
*click yet again*

Well, you know where I'll be. I figure I'll be up and running just as the Chicago office empties for the night. But I'll be ready *just in case* I'm needed at 9:30pm again while watching a new episode of Medium (yes, I'm a 1hour drama junkie).

So, if you can't reach me on our 800#, my direct line, texting me, calling me on my cell or my home number, Im'ing me on yahoo, msn, or aol , or by any of my 3 email addresses...... chances are I'm just ignoring you. I have just enough connectivity to make me want to kill myself.
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Post-Tri Hug
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