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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

PostHeaderIcon WTF? A "Christian" telling someone else they are going to hell?

Every time I hear a variation of this story, I get angry:
  • Christian finds out someone else isn't baptized.
  • Christian goes on to tell the person how they will burn.
  • Christian is not apologetic or explains position
  • Christian is smug and walks away not even knowing what they did was very not Christian-like.
(based on a true story that happened to one of the few people I consider a true friend this week)

I get angry at the so-called Christian who put themselves up on a pedestal above those they perceive not only as non-Christians, but lesser-Christians.

I am angry at their arrogance that they would tell a stranger, a waitress in a pub, that she is going to hell.

I am angry at their ignorance of the scope of God's love, which is obvious when they tell said waitress she also has condemned her son to hell.

I am angry that this "Christian" would dismiss and try to invalidate in front of God a marriage of love, mutual respect, and deep commitment based on some assumptions the patron has made.

I am angry that non-Christians (or nominally religious people) have more encounters with these types of "Christians" ( do I have to keep calling them that?) rather than ones who can share The Light with them.

I am angry that this "Christian" thinks they know enough to know the mind of God.

I am angry that this patron of the pub, I think, exemplifies what most non-religious people think of Christians.

I am angry.

I am embarrassed.

(maybe there is some irony in me implying the "f" word in my title and calling myself a Christian, but that is not directed at someone, and is strictly between God and myself)
Thursday, July 12, 2007

PostHeaderIcon Let's All Join Hands and Fight Fictional Evil!

Harry Potter is of da Devil!!!!!!
(haha, I just had to get in a Waterboy comment here somewhere)


Once again, a group of self-righteous, probably "Christian", groups are proclaiming the Harry Potter is promoting the work of the devil.

Sad to say, many committed Christians miss this key point:

The work is fiction, yet people still fear it.

These same Christians are probably ones that want their kids to read CS Lewis', "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe" series because Lewis was using these fictional mechanisms as allegory for Bible stories.... not sure that was obvious to me reading it in the 3rd grade, but ok... I'll go with that.

(As a side note, I think it is safe to assume that many of those opposed to Harry Potter have never actually bothered to read that which they are so upset about, and of course should come as no surprise that they have never actually bothered to read the C.S. Lewis books they are so enthusiastic about.)

Would God allow sorcery, magic, and trickery (something he abhors), to be used to promote his Kingdom??? Would drug dealing be acceptable to God if tracts were delivered along with the smack? Of course not!!! (unless you're that preacher in Colorado who thought exchanging meth for gay prostitution was ok.)

This is not to say that Harry Potter has a Christian message, or that J.K. Rowlings' work is on par with Lewis'; far from it! The fact remains that Harry Potter is fiction. I know some people might have nothing better to do than protest this movie, but wouldn't your time be better well spent improving His Kingdom on Earth? READ: Get off your arse and go help the "least and the lost" that Jesus was so concerned about....

This isn't the first time groups like this have gotten their panties in a wad.... remember these instances from when we were kids?

The Smurfs. Yes those cuddly little ficitonal blue characters who ran around the woods singing songs. The Devil works through them, yes it's true. Papa Smurf, well he protects his people with magic.... so it must be evil [end sarcasm].

Also, there was the D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) uproar (not allowed in our home). Apparently, the extremists in the church were not aware that the magic swords and dragons were not "real." My mom was convinced if we played, we would become suicidal and she would "lose" us to the dark side.

In more recent years, the Teletubbies came under fire. (If you can't recall, this was a British TV sensation featuring large fuzzy aliens with rather pleasant dispositions). The character of "Tinkie-Winkie" was said to be openly promoting the homosexual movement. Not sure why he is "more" gay than the others, but the rumor persisted nonetheless.

I am sure there are many more besides these and the additional attacks on Disney, Vampire movies, to other occult movies.

What I find ironic is that these protestors will continue to rally against [fill in the blank cause] rather than do something sensible like spread the Gospel. That is, if the Gospel is really what they are concerned about (which is a whole other blog in my mind).

If your kids wants to stay home from church to read the new Harry Potter book, it's not because s/he's been overcome by witchcraft, it's just simply more interesting than a boring sermon. Kids will do/say anything to get out of church. I know I tried.

Harry Potter does something that our church(es) lacks... engaging children. That is what I think is upsetting the parents (maybe on a subconcious level) more than whitchcraft. I wonder how many of the concerned parents allow their children to watch 1 hour violent dramas such as CSI or Law and Order or many of the others out there?

In the end, What are these parents teaching their child? That fictional evil is more dangerous than the real evils in the world? I am willing to bet these parents have spent more time explaing why their kids can't read Potter than they have talking to their children about poverty, environmental problems, drugs, casual sex, or so many of the other issues that affect our society today.

Everyone needs to stand up for what they believe in, and if you feel Potter or [fill in the blank media] is the greatest threat to the church, our society, and your children.... then PLEASE, put your heart and soul into that cause. We need passionate people out there!

At the same time though, I would encourage each of us to once in awhile step back, reexamine our "causes" and put them in perspective of the bigger picture -- how is this affecting my children, my family, and my community (in that order IMO). If you're worried about it from a Christian perspective... how is this affecting my relationship with God?

Honestly, I don't see where Harry Potter or the Smurfs should even warrant this level of facination or effort.

But that is my view from my pew.
Saturday, July 07, 2007

PostHeaderIcon FDA says what?

I FINALLY get a "release" from the FDA for containers that have been detained almost 10 weeks. They have been tested for everything but cat urine. Do you want to know what the bottom of the release says?

These products are released. This notice does not constitute assurance that the product released complies with all provisions of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, or other related Acts, and does not preclude action should the product later be found violative.

WTF?!?! Are you serious? Does not constitute assurance?????????????

How can you not be assured???

First customs sampled it and held it for weeks.

Then we had a 3rd party sample the container, neither us or our customer were allowed to open the container. Then we sent the samples to a 3rd party lab, approved by the US government for melamine and melamine derivative testing.

THEN almost a week after they get the negative results, they ask for a document (that ended up being 35 pages) on the procedures used to arrive at the negative results.

If it's an approved lab, don't you think they procedures used for that testing would be pre-approved?

Then a week AFTER they get the procedures we get the verbal ok. Then 24 hours finally the document with the disclaimer.

I swear I will go postal.

But, hey at least the Iraq war is going good.... [end sarcasm]

Friday, July 06, 2007

PostHeaderIcon Fireworks at Royals Game

A few personal pics... excuse the pics, I had my pocket camera with me, not my "real" one...

I also sized them down to 320 to keep this page moving.....

Of course the obligatory self-portrait

then the pic of bebe with her souvenir... it's been awhile (*cough*85*cough) since we've been #1

What's a ballgame without a hot dog (she likes ketchup on it... yuck!)

Silly Pic requested by bebe

Pumpkin's 2 thumbs up for the fireworks...

fireworks... thank goodness we saw them on the 3rd.... they had a problem on the 4th, and there was no show!

As with most things, this event was best viewed through the eyes of a 5 year old.... I'm truly blessed, despite myself!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

PostHeaderIcon My Daughter's School

Confession, my daughter goes to Catholic School. (STA from here on out).

I hate a love/hate relationship with STA. Everything about the school we love. The teachers, the staff, the way things are run, the PTA, their curriculum, and the class sizes. I don't even mind her going to Mass every Tuesday morning.

Her paternal family is 99% Catholic. My side is a mish-mash of Christian beliefs.

So, what's isn't to like? It's simple.... we're not Catholic. It bothers pumpkin. I explain to her that her dad is Catholic, and he went to Catholic school. I feel left out of some parental happenings around the school, and I know it's because we don't go to church there.

In a previous life, I was married to a debvout Catholic, and it does not bother me she goes there. It's a good education.

The community at STA is something to envied. They play and pray together. Lots of the teachers at STA also were students there. when I think of how churches should be, most of the time I think of my small town church. This is the closest thing "in town" that I have found that even comes close.

I know she'll go to kindergarten there, but after that...... we'll see. I'd like that $600/mo back in mama's pocket sometime.

My bebe? She's worth every penny!

And who knows.... maybe I'm learning something about community that once I can articulate better, I can take back to my church....
Tuesday, July 03, 2007

PostHeaderIcon Observations by Joy.

today she said to me, "Jen, you're the only person I know who teaches Bible classes and feels ok using the word fuck on occasion."

While I'm not proud of the fact I use the word (or a lot of the words that come out of my mouth... usually when talking to truckers it seems), I don't go around feeling holier-than-thou because I teach a Disciple class. I find religious humor funny.... if we can't laugh at ourselves.... then we need to lighten up.

I figure God knows where my heart is and if I want to tattoo myself, have multiple piercings, and shout HOT DAMN! when excited about something.... it STILL doesn't change where my heart is.
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Post-Tri Hug
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