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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

PostHeaderIcon WTF? A "Christian" telling someone else they are going to hell?

Every time I hear a variation of this story, I get angry:
  • Christian finds out someone else isn't baptized.
  • Christian goes on to tell the person how they will burn.
  • Christian is not apologetic or explains position
  • Christian is smug and walks away not even knowing what they did was very not Christian-like.
(based on a true story that happened to one of the few people I consider a true friend this week)

I get angry at the so-called Christian who put themselves up on a pedestal above those they perceive not only as non-Christians, but lesser-Christians.

I am angry at their arrogance that they would tell a stranger, a waitress in a pub, that she is going to hell.

I am angry at their ignorance of the scope of God's love, which is obvious when they tell said waitress she also has condemned her son to hell.

I am angry that this "Christian" would dismiss and try to invalidate in front of God a marriage of love, mutual respect, and deep commitment based on some assumptions the patron has made.

I am angry that non-Christians (or nominally religious people) have more encounters with these types of "Christians" ( do I have to keep calling them that?) rather than ones who can share The Light with them.

I am angry that this "Christian" thinks they know enough to know the mind of God.

I am angry that this patron of the pub, I think, exemplifies what most non-religious people think of Christians.

I am angry.

I am embarrassed.

(maybe there is some irony in me implying the "f" word in my title and calling myself a Christian, but that is not directed at someone, and is strictly between God and myself)


supergirlest said...

i cannot begin to tell you the number of times i've been cast to hell. the first, i remember vividly. i was 6. it was a devout christian family member that was trying to convince me to be baptised. i was TERRIFIED. i had nightmares for years - the kind that would jerk me awake and i'd be screaming and crying.

it has continued through the years. i've even had close friends tell me that they pray for me and still love me, even though i'm going to hell. i've been told that bebe is going too. i can't get my brain around it.

i guess this is why it is so difficult for me to claim any one religion. i could never condemn someone like that.

why can't they all be more like you?!?!?


SimplyComplexJen said...

i hate to tell you, but sadly, my views aren't popular at church.

I'm "too accepting" and "too open". I don't "understand" and I "just don't get it".

I guess someday we'll all find out!

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