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Thursday, October 18, 2007

PostHeaderIcon The Art of Lying (or titled : Everyone Lies to Me)

Lying is one of those topics that can bring out strong emotions in people.... especially those who have been lied to (in a major way) many times in their life. Usually I don't find humor in it (because i'm one of those people)..... unless of course it's with MY child. Even then it's not funny, but can be cute (until my head starts spinning like a scene from Exorcist... then mommy isn't amused).

My child is not even a teenager yet.... heck, she's only in kindergarten.... but already I'm becoming acquainted with the concept of seemingly nice, sweet-mannered, well-adjusted children who lie to their parents and actually get away with it.

It got me thinking about the things my child has already lied about that I have believed (an abbreviated list ):

1. Yes, I did brush my teeth.
2. I took a shower at daddy's yesterday.
3. I went potty like you told me to.
4. I didn't hit him/her/the pet
5. No, I wasn't playing in the bathroom
6. I hate chicken and I told you that last time we had chicken.
7. I didn't hear you.
8. I didn't see the mess.
9. I already fed the dog.
10. I don't know why there is a hole in the yard, the dog musta done it.

I've read articles about people lying and how they don't make eye contact, they blink more often, etc (unless you're my ex.... .then either A) everything was a lie or B) I couldn't tell when he was lying).

With the way I converse with my child (her whirling around the room, trying to find something she can bounce or throw or write all over in permanent marker while I try to make her stop moving and talk to me, for pete's sake, and I thought girls were supposed to be easier?!?!?!?), she hardly make eye contact anyway... so how would I know?

Do you think by the time she is in junior high or high school someone will have invented a little alarm that I can wear (or, better, implant somewhere on their bodies) that will go off when she is lying? And will she ever stop? Does the lying ever taper off — like acne, it reaches its peak in adolescence, and then, luckily for everybody, eventually goes away? And why is it I'm so prone to believing her?!?!?!?!? Maybe because she gives me looks like this.....

Thursday, October 04, 2007

PostHeaderIcon A poem I found and liked.

The fog lifted itself up from the ground and rises
To encircle me, fill me with the looming sense
Of impeding doom.

Suspended, as if waiting, in quiet anticipation
For better weather, for warmth, for sun,
for dissolution.

The vapor blankets the world beneath its fragile
Weaving, curling, furls
of nothingness.

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Post-Tri Hug

Post-Tri Hug
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Hood To Coast Relay 2007

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