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Monday, April 24, 2006

PostHeaderIcon Do you know why I get my news from The Daily Show?

originally posted on myspace.com April 24, 2006

Because Jon Stewart will not spend more time on Tom & Katie's baby than on the Egyptian terrorist attacks today, the new mass grave found in Iraq, or newest update on the Israel/Palestinian conflict.

Why is it their baby news required 2 min on national news, yet the Iraq War update was about half.

Of course!! *** slapping self on forehead *** Obviously, because 93.5% [my guess] of Americans would rather hear about their baby (and did she REALLY endure silent birth per the Scientology method of birth?) than genocide in Darfur, bombings, nuclear programs, or any of the other relevant news in our lives.

It may not be pretty or "fun" but it's reality. Though, for most people, if it's not reported on, it's not really happening.......


NinaZephyr said...

Have you heard the song Media by john butler trio? It's one of the reasons I get my news from Jon Stewart, as well as your reasoning. Definitely. Check the song out, I love it!

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