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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Random Acts of Kindness, at the pool.

Sunday, went to the pool at community to see how far I could swim in 20 minutes. I'll admit, not a well-planned workout, but it was time in the pool.

As usual, after 10min I'm exhausted (why is it I can run 5 miles fairly easily, but time in the pool KILLS me?) and really dreading the next 7-10 minutes of my workout when I hear a voice from the next lane : "let me finish my set, and I want to help you."

I turn. I look. Older gentleman who has been putting in some fairly fast laps in the last 20 minutes. His 3 to my 1? LOL.

Turns out he used to coach swimming. And swam in college. And said something about Olympic try outs. I'm listening.

Said he couldn't help but point out a few things as he could tell I was just starting out (uh, yeah. January). Not extending through my stroke, too stiff, and not kicking enough. LOL. Easy to remember everything all at once while remembering to take controlled breaths. Right?

Gave me a few drills to help me and we talked about swimming in general. He used to give open swim lessons to beginning triathletes. Sweet. He honestly was trying to help.

He took 15-20 minutes out of his day to give me a few pointers and work with me. It gave me a boost I really needed and hopefully (test it out today!), new focus on my time in the pool and new optimism on swimming.

This random act of kindness made the day (week? month?) of a person (Me!). I hope some day when my first triathlon isn't looming, but I have 10 or more under my belt, I can step away from my drills or workout and pay it forward.

(ps the answer to my question about getting enough air lies in what he told me, relax.. I'm using too much energy on bad form.)

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”


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