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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Mommy Wars : Those Moms Versus Other Moms

I am convinced that there are two types of moms (and dads) out there.

Those Moms


the Other Moms.

It's true.

We all know them. I used to think "those" moms are largely mythical beasts, like the elusive unicorn. I don't know anyone who has it all together, all the time, then I met one.

Every morning I run into M's mom. She's the absolute sweetest person I deal with daily. She is the home room mom. She is also on the carnival (and the auction and the Texas hold em tournament) committee and a 100 other things. She claims she rushes out of bed to get the kids to school, but never has a hair out of place. All her kids look like little dolls and a gentleman. Did I mention she never store-buys treats for her day and she's a size 2? I don't know this for a fact, but I'm also pretty sure she never forget to initial her son's daily behavior sheet and his uniform is always pressed. She is one of "THOSE" moms. There are others like her..... and I wish I was one of "those" moms, unfortunately, I'm the "other" mom.

I'm the mom who forgets her kids' snack day and after dropping her kid off runs to the market real quick to the bakery to get something healthy and easy. May Day? I didn't know to bring the teacher a flower. I pick one committee a year as not to be shunned by the school (volunteering is as weighted almost as much as tuition). I always buy more tickets for the events than I probably should out of guilt. At least once a week, DD and I are running down the sidewalk to get her in the front door before the 8:00 bell rings. There are days DD is brushing her hair in the car. I have had to run home to get a permission slip I've forgotten. I'm not a size 2 (but working on getting back into the 4 I was last year) and I don't have a barbie smile on my face at all times. My daughter is not enrolled in 7 different activities (nor do I want her to be) and sometimes I purposely make an extra large meal one night, so I can have a break from cooking the next night with leftovers. I'll admit it, I'm one of the "other" moms.

The one thing we have in common is that we both want the best for our kids. So, as long as we never lose sight of that goal, I will continue to bring in my store-bought (but hydrogenated oil and corn syrup free) snacks, she will bring in home baked goodies and we will both fall asleep that night wondering if we're doing enough for our kids.

As a side note, is it wrong to secretly wonder if someone so Stepford-Wife perfect is actually a bulemic Meth head who over compensates to cover her addictions? Yeah, it's wrong, but it makes me giggle a little on the inside. ;)


L. said...

Ha ha. Not wrong to wonder, just wrong to pretend that might be so.

Good luck training for your first tri. I just did my first one back in June and it was life-changing!

- Lora (IronMountaineer)

Tre Lawrence said...

You horrible, horrible woman...

JustJen said...

Lora, thanks for the encouragement. I'm hoping it is. I realize it's "only" a sprint-tri-, but I'm hoping its the gateway to bigger and better races! :)

JustJen said...

tre..... I know where you live. muwhahahaha

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