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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

PostHeaderIcon When the Doorbell Rings, God, I hope it's the Mormons

Tonight is PTO (or PTA in some schools) meeting #2. We're going to be making the final decisions on fund raising for the preschool. Yes, the preschool, which is a completely different financial entity than the k-8 attached to it. So, as I'm sitting in this meeting, the following will be running through my mind....

Last night, my doorbell rings, which causes havoc on the whole house. The cat runs, the dog barks and my daughter starts screeming. It's a lil cub scout selling popcorn tins. Calls me Ma'am. Strike one.

Strike two, little kid (8ish?) walking door to door without a parent at almost-dark. While I realize that is how I sold Girl Scout cookies (like 20 years ago! god I'm old) and we live in the 'burbs, I still hate the idea of this.

I tell him that if he buys the trash bags that our school is selling, I'll buy his over priced popcorn tin. The reply was, "but lady, I don't have any money." Pathetic, but adorable.

I bought it anyway.

Why did I want the Mormon Missionaries instead? They're easier to say no to.

About once a week it seems for the last 2 months, I'm getting hit up for something. Wrapping paper, trash bags, cookies, popcorn, and life insurance. But that was a guy who had a 5o'clock shadow at 11 am on a Saturday. I was less indulging to him than the little cub last night.

Private organization like the cub scouts don't bother me to the same degree as school fund-raising. What's the deal with the schools turning this into a requirement? If you don't sell, they not so subtly let you know they noticed.

What is wrong with the funding to our schools that we HAVE to do this so the teachers can have a microwave in their break room or the teachers can have supplemental supplies?

What if we spent 90 minutes tonight talking about which legislators we could lobby for education reform instead of which fund raiser is next?

What if we went door to door with a petition instead of Catalogs of crapola made by child slave labor in a foreign country?

What if we had the whole meeting at TKs Grill instead of the "after meeting"? Ok, I have no idea how that is socially responsible, but A LOT more fun).

You get the idea.


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