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Thursday, October 12, 2006

PostHeaderIcon Award Winning Essayist Sentenced in Drug Case

Stories like this never cease to amuse me. So, because she wrote some essay over a decade ago, this is news? If you wrote down your beliefs at 14 and reread them 10 years later, would you have the same outlook, values, and beliefs? This story is sad, not because of what she did, but because there are 100s more right behind her.....

Award winning anti-drug essayist sentenced in drug case
Thursday October 12 2006 5:32

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - A woman who was honored a decade ago for an essay about avoiding drugs and alcohol has been ordered to spend the next decade in federal prison for distributing meth.

Susan M. Gardner, 24, of Independence (yes, folks, Indepedence is the Meth capital of the US), sold methamphetamine to undercover detectives four times and led police on a chase before she was arrested with another package of the drug stuffed in her pants.

In imposing the sentence of 10 years and one month in prison on Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Gary Fenner said Gardner had the capacity to live a productive life (everyone has the capacity, some just chose to concentrate their efforts on less legal avenues). But, he said, there was a price she had to pay for her actions.

"You were significantly involved with the distribution of drugs in this community,'' Fenner said. "That's something that has to be taken seriously and cannot be tolerated.''

Fenner said he would recommend that Gardner be sent to a prison where she can enroll in a 500-hour substance-abuse program (why don't all people get this option, or just ones that wrote a cute-essay over a decade ago? Rehab... what a novel idea..... /sarcasm).

Defense attorney Robert Kuchar said it was a "sad situation.''

"We're dealing with a decent young lady who made some bad decisions in her life,'' he said. (*ahem* A bad decision is trying wearing shorts to NV on Friday night, let's call a spade a spade here...)

When Garden was in eighth grade (really, what do you know when you're 14???), the Missouri Peace Officers Association picked her essay as the best of more than 400 other entries, according to news accounts (I can write an essay on almost anything, doesn't mean I believe it. Ask me about my market report on Ethanol pros.).

Gardner declined to speak on her behalf before she was sentenced.

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