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Monday, April 19, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Thoughts on Turn off the TV Week (aka Digital Detox Week).


Turn off the tv?  No problem.  I probably only watch an hour a night, and Bebe is only allowed 30 min a night during the school week, IF she has all her homework and household duties done.  So, I sat here for a moment thinking how well we are doing.

But you know what they say about pride.....

Then it hit me.  My vice isn't TV.  I could care less about the media-created "American Idol" (don't get me started on so-called reality TV) or who did it on CSI.  I.don't.care.  I think Reality TV represents the worst of our culture and also the decline of society in general.  Just my opinion.

My vice?  The laptop.  Hands Down.

but don't I deserve a little me/down time?  right?

Too often I will log on in the evening knowing there are clothes to iron, and dishes in the sink, and yet will log onto the laptop for "just 5 min" to check email.  I should know better.  Before I know it, it's not 9:05, but 11:05 and *sigh* yet again, I wasted another evening.

I really, really, meant to organize the garage / pantry / linen closet,  I really did....


So, instead of "Turn off the TV" week, in our home it will be the Digital Detox Week.  After all, I spend 8-9 hours a day in this chair staring at this monitor.  Do I really need another 2-3 hours a night staring at a monitor at home?

that was purely rhetorical and I'm trying to motivate myself, stay with me here....

Digital Detox Week.

What can be accomplished?  Let's find out........

this better go smoother than the week I tried to give up caffeine and sugar in some crazy detox attempt.....



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