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Monday, April 05, 2010

PostHeaderIcon House Projects 101 - You'll always underestimate time and cost. Always.


It's true.  Every time.

Whatever you estimate for time and money on a house project, you'll underestimate.  I always say figure in 20% more money and 30% more time.

Today though, it turns out 50% more money and lord only knows how much more time.

I have 2 fence projects.  The first is extending to the front of the house what is now our back yard fence.

The second is fencing in the second lot behind us, so we can use it.  The dog and Bebe would probably appreciate that.  After all, we've been there 3 years and rarely use that extra green space. It's also one of the few sunny areas on my 2 lots that it makes the most sense to put our raised garden beds.

It's a shame.

On fence project #2, the lots on each side of it are not fenced.  After a couple phone calls with the city, I have determined that a survey needs to be done.  Keep in mind, my neighborhood is relatively old.  We don't have nice equally spaced lots on nicely laid out streets.  The neighborhood was built around existing tree areas, creeks, and estates/farms that were still in existence when being developed.

So, I found a guy that would install the fence and help me purchase the right amount of materals for fence project 2.  Unfortunately, because of the survey and needing the property to be staked, I'm looking at an additional $750.  It turns what should have been a quick and reasonably priced project into something drawn out and quite a bit more expensive.

So, in addition to the rule of never starting a home project with the words, "How hard can it be?" *cough*raised garden beds*cough*, always know you will underestimate the project in time and money.

Before and after pictures soon to follow.......



JustJen said...

update: found a more local guy who is used to the craziness of our city. $450 to stake it out, and then if I would need a drawing to back it up, an extra $150. *sigh* Looking a little better...

Anonymous said...
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