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Monday, June 05, 2006

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originally posted on myspace.com on June 5, 2006

WWGRD: What Would Gay Republicans Do?

It seems that many in the republican congress are hell-bent on legislatively taking away the peoples humanity. This week starts the 3 day debate on the proposed constitutional amendment to make marriage defined as a union between a man and a woman.

It would be better if the Republican Party treats homosexuals as respectable citizens instead of pariahs. This is writing discrimination into the constitution and taking away states rights.

As far as I know this would mark the first time a constitutional amendment has been used to discriminate against a segment of the American population. We didn't even have amendments banning inter-racial marriage (though it still illegal, though not enforced, in some states). Amendments most often have been used to spread the benefits of liberty to a larger segment of the population. A couple of examples are the admendments to abolish slavery and allowing women to vote. At the time, those were controversial issues in the same and divisive manner that gay marriage is today.

Even VP Dick Cheney said, "Freedom means freedom for everyone." I wonder why Mary Cheney is not speaking out during the time?

Luckily, it has zero chance of passing by the required 67-vote majority. In 2004, the amendment garnered only 48 Senate votes. It is estimated that this year, only about 52 votes will vote in support.

Personally, I'm undecided about this issue for several reasons, but I am 100% against any kind of constitutional amendment. In fact, if anything, I'm for allowing gay marriage, simply because I do not like laws that restrict peoples rights. In short, lets follow the lead of Massachusetts and leave it up to the states.


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