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Thursday, June 08, 2006

PostHeaderIcon Waiting in Line....

originally posted on myspace.com on June 8, 2006

You know, we wait in line a lot. There comes a time though where it is a necessary evil.... the post office, the DMV, waiting at the only coffee shop in the convention center, last minute Christmas shopping, etc. One thing I have noticed though is how much you can bond with those people for those 20-90 minutes of your life. Whenever there is "that person" up front, we all look at each other, suppress a laugh or giggle, and roll our eyes at their expense. We keep each other company and make the wait (almost) bearable. What I realized though is "that person" can take on many forms....

How about the asshole? The guy who thinks his time is so much more valuable than the rest of us? He talks too loud, complains too much, and is rude to the person at the desk. He usually walks off muttering, "can you believe this place????". My favorite is when they complain LOUDLY on their cell phone about the wait, yeah, that's helping morale.

Then you have the BO guy. Yeah, the guy who obviously hasn't showered in awhile and is oblivious to his own stench.

I realize my daughter is an angel and would never do this, but there is always a crying baby as well. There are two types people who stare at the crying baby, the "awe, honey, what's wrong with her?" group and the "OMG, give the kid some nyquil.". I know this because I came within 1/2 sec of telling a lady on a plane once that I had nyquil in my bag if she needed it for her kid. (I'm somewhat embaraased by that moment now, despite being 8 years ago).

Then is my favorite, and most annoying... the couple that insists on making out. Not just a little love peck here and there, but manages to go beyond the, "shouldn't you guys get a motel" comment.

So, considering that the average American spends two to three years of his or her life waiting in line, there is a lot to be annoyed about in line.

Thank goodness for the Ipod and my love of people-watching.


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