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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Lunch Today. Goodness in a box. Yes, I said it.....

Yes, Giraffy  , I'll admit... Pacific Soups in a box.  I guess I can't claim, "there's no good lunch that will come out of a box" anymore.  The tomato soup is also good (and can be bought at Costco!).  It's a little runnier than I make my black bean soup, but is still delish.

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JustJen said...

I should clarify another reason why I think this soup is good FOR you....

Ingredient List:
Black Beans
Red Bell Peppers
Green Bell Peppers
Tomato Puree
Sea Salt
Canola Oil
Chipotle Pepper
Cilantro Paste
Olive Oil
Black Pepper

14g of Carbs / 4 grams fiber / 4g of protein.

The ingredient list is very close to how I make mine. No HFCS or ingredients I don't know what they are or sound like they were made in a lab.

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Post-Tri Hug
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