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Friday, June 04, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Friday Book Recommendation 4 June 2010


Today's Friday Recommendation.

 Organic Housekeeping by Ellen Sandbeck

To give you an idea, I refer to this book at least once a month.  It's starting to look like it too.  I'm fighting the clutter-bug urge to keep a "clean" copy around.

Chapter Highlights:

Chpt 1 - First Things First, Everything in Moderation
(what I tell A on a weekly basis)
Chpt 2 - The Kitchen: You Are What You Eat
Chpt 3 - The Low-Maintenance Bathroom
(maybe I need to read this chapter weekly...)
Chpt 4 - The Bedroom
(this is your space for nightly renewal, does your room bring you peace?)
Chpt 5 - Laundry
(*sigh*  that's it. How can 2 people produce so much?)
Chpt 6 - General Cleaning
(Martha Stewart I am not, but let's do it as organically as possible!)
Chpt 7 - Indoor Air Quality
(did you know  most homes have more chemicals in the air than the outside air?)
Chpt 8 - Hazardous Material, Fire Safety
(all those pesky home chemicals and stuff for automotive repair)
Chpt 9 - In and Around the Garden

There is a recurring theme in the book about decluttering and routine, which for some may seem second nature, but for me is a struggle.  Not only do I want my home to be physically as chemical free as possible, I would like it to be peaceful as well.  Clutter is my burden.  I'm shooting for the healthy body / healthy mind connection.  It's definitely a journey, not a destination.  I consider this book one of the top 5 books for that journey.

If you're interested in how to clean more with vinegar, and salts, and lemon, and more natural ingredients, then this book is for you.  Mother Nature provided us with some natural anti-bacterials and cleaning agents.  Let's leave the laboratory created chemicals behind.

In short, it is uncommon good sense for protecting our health and the planet.  If you have interest in being more green, then your own home is a place to start.  Under my kitchen sink used to have as many chemicals as a chemistry lab, and now I can say we've reduced that amount by half and each month work on eliminating more.

Organic Housekeeping by Ellen Sandbeck

Ask your local library if they have it.

It is my understanding it is available on the Kindle as well.

My Rules of Friday Recommendations.
1. I've read it.
2. I would loan it to you.
3.  I would then buy a copy in case you didn't return it because I loved it so much I want to keep a copy in my house.
4.  Even if you didn't return it, I would be happy to have blessed your home with its pages.
5.  I'm pretty sure you'll get something out of reading it too.
(rules subject to change weekly)



Moderate Means said...

I love your rules :) And I'm requesting it from the library!


giraffy said...

I love this rec, and I might just run to Borders on my lunch to get it. Gracias ;)

JustJen said...

Thanks both :) I spent hours and hours on the internet knowing that you CAN clean with vinegar, etc, but didn't know HOW. I grew up in a house that unless you had to air out the house of bleach and pine sol smell, it just wasn't clean. haha.

This book puts not only that information, but so much more in one place. Let me know how you like it!

Anonymous said...

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