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Monday, December 15, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Why I don't (can't?) meet men at the gym....

I typically go to either the gym at lunch or yoga class. I realized today after running at the gym why I don't meet men at the gym.

1. What I wear.

I realize I have lots of cute work out clothes, running tanks, etc... and a lot of that I wear for races, but at the gym? running shorts and usually an old race tshirt. The other girls? totally color coordinated and ready to impress. I just want to run and do my weights.

2. My Makeup. Or lack of.

I usually wear 3 things during the week for make up: moisturizer, mascara, and chapstick. In the locker room, you'd think it was Saturday night at Blonde the way the girls are touching up their makeup. I sweat. I don't just glisten, I sweat when I work out because I'm running my arse off (literally). If I didn't take off my mascara before I ran, I'd look like a raccoon or Hlburi the morning after a bender in Vegas.

3. My Hair.

I put on a pony tail. If I didn't my curls would look like Medusa and the fro would ensue. It wouldn't be pretty when I went back to the office. If I didn't tame my hair in a pony tail, it would not be a pretty sight. What I have learned though is this puts me at a disadvantage to the other women. When I'm done with a "cute little set" on some circuit machine, I can't giggle and flip my hair. I like it out of my face and off my neck.... see the sweating comment above. Of course I know how to throw out that giggle and flip my hair, but again... I save that for the weekend when I have bothered to put on eyeshadow. I refuse to primp and tease and spray my hair prior to a workout. It's just not me.

4. My conversation skills.

Obviously I lack the ability (or willingness) to gush in the weight room things like, "OH myyyyyy. You add weight to that bar? You're sooooo strong. Do you work out evvvvvery day? (insert hair flip and giggle here)". I'm more likely to ask you about your tshirt and how you did in that race or whatever. Oh? I hate running with my ipod, I think it detracts from the experience, but I'll put it on even if I don't turn it on. Why? An IPOD works as chatty-kathy repellent.

5. My overall look.

I work out hard. With DD, I only get one free evening a week, so I have to make my workout at lunch efficient. I get red in the face... i don't know if it's German coloring or what... but I'm one of those people who do. If I managed to pull off items 1-3, it would be ruined by the 2mi mark on my daily run. Also, I am not about to put a push up bra UNDER my sports bra, so I have a little "extra". We all know sports bras push the girls down and granted I probably look more like a 12 yo boy than the girls the adidas ads, but I have to be comfy to run. laugh.gif This probably is out there on the TMI scale, but at least I can admit my problem.

So, after much thought on the treadmill today while running 3 miles, I decided..... the gym is probably NOT where I'm meeting someone. laugh.gif I mean, the gym is business, not social. For me, it's a bit like a gynecologist's office, but with fewer stirrups. Or maybe it's like the dentist's office, if I'm on the stair machine - I hate that thing with a passion. I love going to the gym and the post-workout high I get, but I'm doing it on MY terms!


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