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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

PostHeaderIcon As many people died in Iraq this week as in India. Where are the headlines?

(from iCasualties)

Iraqi Security Forces and Civilian Deaths Detail

Dec-08 63
Nov-08 317
Oct-08 288
Sep-08 366
Aug-08 311
Jul-08 419
Jun-08 450
May-08 506
Apr-08 744
Mar-08 980
Feb-08 674
Jan-08 554
Dec-07 548
Nov-07 560
Oct-07 679
Sep-07 848
Aug-07 1,674
Jul-07 1,690
Jun-07 1,345
May-07 1,980
Apr-07 1,821
Mar-07 2,977
Feb-07 3,014
Jan-07 1,802
Dec-06 1,752
Nov-06 1,864
Oct-06 1,539
Sep-06 3,539
Aug-06 2,966
Jul-06 1,280
Jun-06 870
May-06 1,119
Apr-06 1,009
Mar-06 1,092
Feb-06 846
Jan-06 779

Note: Iraqi deaths based on news reports . This is not a definitive count.

India has had these kind of incidents for years. What about the 2,500 who were taken off a train and murdered in 2002? Where were the headlines then?

Where is the international outrage?
The candle vigils?
Where is the mass outpouring of financial donations to help the survivors the families of the victims?

Or do we only do that with Wall Street Americans? Not poor Iraqi civilians and Rich that live a half a world away.


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