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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

PostHeaderIcon Mel's Passion for the Booze

originally posted on myspace.com on Aug 1, 2006

On one hand, I feel bad for celebrities. They have no privacy. Every little affair, drug rehab visit, prostitution soliciting and DUI arrest gets publicized. On the other hand, they get paid more than the GDP of most small African countries to (barely) entertain us. I figure the publicity is fair trade-off (most of the time). Deal with it.

Not many of us have to come out with a public apology for being arrested for DUIs. Personally, I have never been arrested for one (by luck alone I'll admit), but have picked up a few friends from the county hole for that reason. Let me tell you, they ALL act contrite and NONE of them were spewing hate-speech.

Mel Gibson has a problem. Not only has he admitted to being an alcoholic (which that in itself if not my beef), but obviously he's anti-semantic as well. The first clue should have been his S&M Jesus flick from a few years ago, but the second clue came this weekend during his arrest. He wasn't too

He was obviously drunk enough (0.12%) for his common-sense filter to be non-functioning (and admit it, you've been drunk enough for your filter to shut down too) and rant about how Jews have started all wars. Not to mention, he yelled, "What do you think you're looking at, sugar tits?" to a female officer. Allegedly.

Because of his celebrity status and Americans infatuation with celebrities, it's important that we don't abandon Mel in his time of need. Despite being a sexist and racist, he does lead a virtuous and wholeome Catholic life. [if you missed the sarcasm here, please just hit back] Whatever you do, don't question his mental stability. Just agree with him. Otherwise, he might go into a mental state that makes him think making another Lethal Weapon sequel is a good idea (ok, I admit, I liked the first one). After all, if Sly can make a comeback **cough cough** with Rocky, so can Mel.

But before we jump to many conclusions based on tabloid reporting, we should have an independent source verify the information. Let's ask Mels dad. First, you always call your dad to bail you out, right? So, I'm sure he knows the details of the arrest. Secondly, his dad is known for his fountain of knowledge. After all, he's the one that convinced the world that the holocaust never happened.

On a lighter note, if you locked up Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson in the same padded room and did a celebrity death-match between those two crazies, who do you think would win?


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