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Monday, August 21, 2006

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Snakes on Crack.

Snakes on a Crotch.

Snakes on a Nipple.

Snakes on a Plane.

Whatever you want to call it.....

Let me start off by admitting I had zero interest in seeing this, but the person who picked it out wanted to see it badly, so I figure why not? He deserves it.

I have to thank my friend who convinced me to go.... he was right - it was great. I see a cult favorite in the making and I'll be able to say I saw it on opening night. I was expecting a "b movie" experience and it was no such thing.

I've never been to a theater where it was such an interactive experience.... the crowd cheered, they clapped, and all together said, "awe" at the right moment when the honeymooners were talking.

Other times the entire theater cheered and clapped:
- When the movie started
-When "Snakes on a Plane" appeared on screen
-When Samuel L. Jackson appeared on screen (Stay with me if you want to live)
-At the first sight of snakes
-When the plane took off
-When the first attack happened
-When the rest of the attacks happened
-When Samuel L. tazered the snakes
- When Samuel L. said "The Line"
-When the plane landed
- When the movie ended

What an amazing experience. Not a renter, you really need to grab a large group and go.

If you go see it, stick around for the music video at the end.... it's the best of the worst, yet completes the movie. I'm going to buy the soundtrack.

The fact it was the best selling movie of the weekend, is a big "f-you" to all the marketing execs and advertising types everywhere. They are always trying to figure out the demographics to advertise to, this movie was strictly internet-born and internet-fueled.

Rumor has it that Samuel L. took the script based on the name alone. Here is a small part of that interview:

Why do I care? Because I love SNAKES ON A PLANE. Love it. It makes me giggle like the fat, lazy schoolgirl I am.

3 Here's why:Some months ago my agent called me (we'll call him...Agent). Agent says: "New Line's got a project they want you to look at. They're making the movie. They love it. It needs a little work."Now when a studio tells you something needs "a little work" what that really means is "maybe it needs a little work, maybe it needs a lotta work, maybe you should tell us how much work it needs...but we want to make this movie so let's all just agree that no matter how much work it is, we'll call it 'a little work'".

I ask Agent the name of the project, what it's about, etc. He says: Snakes on a Plane. Holy shit, I'm thinking. It's a title. It's a concept. It's a poster and a logline and whatever else you need it to be. It's perfect. Perfect. It's the Everlasting Gobstopper of movie titles.

I say to Agent: "Tell me nothing else. Get me the script and put me on the phone with those lucky bastards at New Line Cinema!"

If that doesnt make you want to see it, how about this review from the NYTimes?
"Naughty by nature or perhaps more by design, these snakes don't just dart out of toilets; they also slide up bare legs and under dresses, moving in and out of more bodily orifices than the adult-film star Ron Jeremy did in his prime."

A few graphics for your amusement:


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