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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Crappiest Run of 2010


I love when I'm done with a run, and on the inside I feel like the girl in the picture.



Ready to do it again.

Last night wasn't one of those runs.

Up at 5:45 to start getting ready for the day.  A to school by 7:50.  On the road by 8:30 to visit a client.

As a side note, if there was a highlight of the day, it was the fact I didn't eat any of the dozen Krispy Kremes in my car on the way to said client.  I bought 12.  I delivered 12. 

After a 3 hour drive, I had the pleasure of taking client and team out to lunch at the only diner in town. It was yum, but the daily plate (enchilada) might have been heavy.  Not to mention I haven't had red meat since before Christmas, and I'm thinking the ground beef shocked my system a bit.

Then after 2 hours on site, another 3 hour drive home.  Scenic, quiet, and if anyone asks... my blackberry gets horrible service and that is why they went to voicemail.  Sometimes, you just have to enjoy the ride.

I got home about 90 min before the after-school care closes, so I thought I'd squeeze in a hill run near my home.  My first run outside in months (I run 4 days a week on treadmill at lunch at gym).  This is where it went bad.

91 degrees.

90% humidity.

6 hours in car plus heavy lunch.


2.75 miles in 31 minutes.


I even walked home the last quarter mile.

Not only did I run slow (yes, it was hills, but that's besides the point), I think because of the humidity, I was sweating like I had just done a 10k.  I showered and went and picked up the little one. 

It's one of those runs when you're done, you're glad you're done.  I could blame it on a lot of things, but in short.... I just need to get my butt outside more and just run.  Indoor lunch runs on the treadmill are making me soft.


Dave said...

You ran win others didn't. That's a massive WIN. Nicely done. -DS

JustJen said...

LOL. Thanks D.

I'm not sure what kicked my butt yesterday, but I was as red in the face as the last time I knocked out 5 miles.

The weather? yeah! Yeah! that's it! LOL

Moderate Means said...

You ran 2.75 miles after spending 6 hours in a car and eating a daily diner special and you consider it a fail? Well, I hope I can fail just as well some day :)

I'm seriously impressed. The humidity would have had me sucking air and sweating profusely by the end of the driveway!


JustJen said...

LOL. I was sucking wind and red as running 5 miles.... it was not a pretty sight. even the dog looked sorry for me! ha :)

I will say today I'm feeling better about my hills effort... my bum muscles are sore. That means I was doing something right (or wrong).

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Post-Tri Hug
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