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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Monday was hell and everyone wants to know why I "defriended" them on facebook.

Monday was hell. Let me try and make this short.

Monday my yahoo was hacked and sent an email to over 500 contacts, including vendors and customers, friends, and family stating I was in Wales and send me money.

I could deal with that.

Then he/they got into my FB account and locked me out of there.  Despite several emails exchanges, I still don't have access.  In fact, I didn't hear back from the FB rep yesterday.

Then he/they went on to other sites associated with this email address (like facebook) and click "forgot password" and went on to reset my passwords.  About 5 hours after the first email was sent from this d-bag, I get a noticed from ebay that my account was suspended due to suspicious activity.  He/they bid on close to 15 laptops.  Luckily, ebay caught it and shut my account down (but I now have it back).

Then he went into my XX@gmail account.  I tried answering the questions to regain that account, but obviously I didn't answer something right.  Because after 4 attemps, I have 4 emails from google stating I did not provide enough information, and I'm locked out of that account.

I was on the phone with yahoo for over 2 hours trying to regain control of THIS account, but while on the phone, I was getting notifications from facebook, gmail, ebay, etc that my passwords were being changed.  I couldn't keep up with him/them.  I then realized since I had this yahoo account for like 4 years, that many of my financial institutions were associated with this account, so I immediately starting changing the passwords on those accounts, then called the banks and put fraud alerts.  then I called my cc companies.  They ALL decided to cancel my CCs and send me new ones.  I had to take a business trip yesterday with the $23 I had and a company card.  I felt naked.

So, Monday all in all it took about 7 hours to clean up the chaos he/they created.  This doesn't include getting calls from vendors, co-workers, and customers telling me they think I've been hacked, others who hadn't talked to me in awhile concerned I really was stuck in Wales, and the embarassment of it all.

It was truly hell.


Anonymous said...

sucko. Your blog looks beautiful though :)

Hang in there, this too shall pass. (Jack)

JustJen said...

Thanks Jack.

I'm back on now.

Credit Cards are arriving via fedEx.... life is certainly better than Monday.

thanks for checking in on me here and there and via gmail.

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Post-Tri Hug
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