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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PostHeaderIcon What's the Point? part 1

Two different conversations has brought me to almost a stand still today.  I look at my paperwork, and I look at my to-do list, and I look at the things I'm saving my money for and all I can think about is:

What is the point?

Really?  We bust our asses working for a company that only very few of us believe in, but mostly it's a means to pay the mortgage and for private school.  One hundred years from now, will my great-great grandchildren really know or care that I saved up for a year to remodel my bathroom?

Does my short-term happiness in owning that (insert name of object here) matter to those who have nothing?  My future grandchildren?  The people of Haiti?

I'm finding it harder and harder have enjoyment in my home.  It's just things that mean nothing, but in some strange paradox are seemingly important at the time.

Around Christmas a co-worker told me about a morning radio show he was listening to where a family had lost everything (fire?) and people were calling in donations to help them have a decent Christmas for their kids.  One guy called in who was a sandwhich maker at Subway.  He probably makes $8 an hour and has his own money problems.  He gave $100.  I was told that story 6 weeks ago and can not get it out of my head.

The second incident that has brought me to a complete distraction today is the following:

January 25, 2010

Homeless Guests at Kansas City Rescue Mission
Collect Money for Haitian Relief
“Heart to Heart will receive a very sacrificial gift this week,” said Chaplain Joe Roberts.

Kansas City, Mo.—When homeless men at the Kansas City Rescue Mission, 1520 Cherry Street, learned of the tragedy in Haiti, many stepped up to offer what little they had during three evening chapel services late last week.

Their collection — a total of $132.42 — will be donated to Heart to Heart International’s Haiti Quake Response efforts.

“These men have no homes of their own. Many have no contact with their own families, have only the clothing on their backs and rely on KCRM for shelter, food, medical care and hope,” said Chaplain Joe Roberts. “Yet when they learned about the tragedy in Haiti, they gave very sacrificially to help folks who were suffering even more.”

Pete Brumbaugh, a spokesman for Heart to Heart International, said, “This disaster in Haiti has touched so many lives, including those who are finding hope at the Kansas City Rescue Mission. We are humbled by their gifts, which show us that everyone has something to give to this massive relief effort providing healing and hope to the survivors.”

To learn more, for interviews and photos, please contact Development Officer Julie Larocco at (816) 421-7643, ext. 41, (816) 699-3029 (cell) or jlarocco@kcrm.org.

Kansas City Rescue Mission is a Christ-centered community offering freedom and hope to the poor and homeless, empowering them to reach their full potential.
 Homeless men gave all they had to the victims of Haiti.  All.

I'm worrying about a bathroom remodel?  I'm going to go sit in my corner now and figure out how to make these feelings feed change.

If the Subway worker and a group of homeless men living in a shelter can give to those around them in that way.... no matter how much time, money, or donations I've given in my life up  until now.... NONE of it is even remotely enough.

People like to go to church on Sundays and raise their hands and talk about the love of Christ?  There you go.  Right there.  In real terms.

The question is : What am I going to do with this knowledge now?


Tre Lawrence said...

Incredible story... truly inspirational. Brings to mind the biblical lesson of the widow's mite.

Thanks for sharing... I have to share this.

我愛他 said...
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Dave said...

Wow. Good call.

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