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Friday, June 19, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Tri-Swimming with Hair. Lots of it.

As my first triathlon is approaching, I have so many questions.... ranging from, how do I let the kayak life guards know I'm drowning to what socks to wear to how to setup my transition station to what to do with my hair. Seems frivolous to some, but to me, it's a worry and not for aesthetic reasons either.

I used to never go more than 6 weeks without my highlights being done and my hair being trimmed. That all went away about 2 years ago, it just seemed like a waste not to mention unnecessary chemical in my body. Lately, I've gotten real lazy bout it and have had 2 trims in 6 mos. The problem is I have this hair that the longer it gets, the curlier it gets, which makes it unruly and thick and hard to keep in check.

Obviously this hair issue is affecting my swimming. To get faster, I can decrease my drag, or increase my effort. Decreasing drag is much more efficient and easier to maintain.

So, here comes the issue...what to do to keep it out of the way? I hate to say, but pulling a Sinead is not an option, and yes, it's not an option for selfish reasons. I could get a easy-to-maintain cut, a lot like new moms and new brides do, but again, I like the long hair.

Trying to get it all in the cap? Not an easy feat.

Quick and easy bun with a hair-thingy after the swim?

A braid under the swim cap that hopefully holds thru the tri?

I know this sounds silly, but I will be seriously perturbed if my hair is in my face during the bike or run.



Mauricio Sanchez said...

I guess I'm lucky not to have to deal with this additional issue at tris for I cut my hair short, very short all the time! Wish I had an idea for you, but I don't.
Regarding the socks question: Which socks to wear? The answer is simple: The same socks you wear during training. You don't want to make a change race day!
Good Luck!

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Post-Tri Hug
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