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Monday, January 15, 2007

PostHeaderIcon MLK - fighting for abolilition of Slavery? WTH? (also titled, our kids are f*ing stupid)

Today on MSNBC.COM is an article and I think the subtitle sums it up the best :

"College survey shows some think he was advocating the abolition of slavery"

yes folks, college students, NOT 3rd graders.

as you read the article, yes, you can blame it on "No Child Left Behind" (which is a whole other rant, oops, I mean blog)... but can we blame it on....


Hmmmmm.... it's MLK day, yes you're off school. How many parents ask their kids, "honey, do you know why you're off school today?" How many parents take their kids to MLK celebrations over the weekend (our church is having community service projects, but I'm stuck at work)?

Again, you can blame the education on the schools, or where it squarely belongs, on the parents.

As for not knowing who MLK is..... WTH?


Fade said...

Smile. This is kind of funny because my daughter was giving me facts about Rosa Parks, who she learned about this week - and sensing a parental oppurtunity, I tried to engage her in a talk about civil rights. She listened for a little while, offered a few bits of 7 year old wisdom and then ended the discussion. But I felt good about it- Education might begin at school for a lot of things, but I think that every chance you get with your kids should be enriching them with whatever knowledge/love/experience you can.

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