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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

PostHeaderIcon Act of Insanity? Act of Protest? A Wasted Act?

Also, along the lines of : if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear the sound, does it make a noise?

Suicide 99.9% of the time is an act of mental illness, not a political statement (one exception is the Buddhist Monk who lit himself on fire in 1963 to protest the Vietnam War).

Earlier this month, a Chicago man, Malachi Ritscher, also tried to make an anti-war statement by burning himself alive on a busy Chicago highway.

No one stopped.

It was not immediately apparent why.

People were more annoyed with the traffic-delay than the reality of the man burning alive by the road.

None of the mainstream media outlets carried the story.

His family has not been on Larry King or Bill O'Reily.

In case you hadn't seen this story, you can check it out:
The Baltimore Sun ran an article.
The Chicago Sun Times called his death as a "waste".
I prefer Yahoo's slightly different take on the incident.

I may not agree with his choice of how he decided to protest the war, but I think that the fact that it went unnoticed in the media is an indication of a bigger problem in our society.

More people vote for American Idol than the American President.

I wonder if there are more subscribers to People Magazine than the NYTimes (or name your fav national newspaper).

More people watched the finale of Dancing with the Stars than voted in the November elections.

Ritscher's suicide is one of only nine reported incidents of self-immolation performed as an act of protest in American history.

He video-taped himself, but since it was not "network worthy", is it really news? I mean, after all, TomKat might be pregnant again, Madonna wants another baby, and Brad and Angelina might also be showing "the bump". Fantasy football stats need to be updated. Dancing with the Stars was still running and Jerry Springer still in the running. Also, let's not also forget, Kid Rock and Pam Anderson are getting divorced.

With all of that going on..... we really don't have time for a story such a Rischer's, do we?

Malachi Ritscher wanted to make a statement. But what good is a statement, if no one stops to listen?


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