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Monday, July 10, 2006

PostHeaderIcon I wanna Be a Part-Time Mommy!

Yes. This is directed at a friend of a friend.. and it's on the verge of being catty..... no apologies here.

I'll be the first to admit I'm not the best parent in the world. Once in awhile I wish Abby was at her dads so I can have a moment of peace (4yos can ask a LOT of questions). I have a bad habit of saying damn in front of her (I'm trying to quit). I don't always cook her vegetables for every meal. Sometimes I absolutely dread having one more tea party. There are occasions where I find parenting mundane, boring, and tedious.

Don't get me wrong, it's the best thing in my life and the good moments (so far) have outnumbered the bad, but to say every moment is joyous is a crock.

What I don't get.... parents who think their right to happiness supersedes their obligation to parenting. A few examples:

** Weekend warrior dads (granted, sometimes that isn't their fault).
** Single moms who have various guys stay over randomly when their kids are at home (:::cough, cough :::: Elizabeth)
** Deadbeat dads (putting up with the mom, payments, and a kid just cramp their lifestyle I guess)
** Women who will move to pursue a better job/life/husband/etc and leave their kids in care of the father several states away.

The last example, I am not saying dads are not capable of taking care of their daughters..... not it at all. But to claim that there is no opportunity (job / school/ love life / etc) and to move hours away from your little kid(s) just so you can pursue a new job and a new life I don't get.

Do you think your kids only need you on the occasional weekend? the occasional good night call? only on summer and holiday breaks?

Being a parent is more than making sure they have a roof and food, it's about nurturing and fostering development. I don't see how than can be done long distance. Selfishness is rampant today in all aspects of our society, but especially evident in parenting. Where did you get the idea you have a right to be happy while sacrificing your obligation to parent your child?

Just because I gave up a lot with respect to some personal decisions (** sigh **) and my job, doesn't mean everyone should. It amazes me how flippant of a decision it is for some women (and to an extent, men).

Did you think when you got pregnant that this would be a part-time job?


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