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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

PostHeaderIcon Women Can Be Dumb, I'll even confess to it

originally posted on May 24, 2006 on myspace.com

Women can be dumb.

Admit it ladies..... when there is a guy involved, we do some dumb things.

Guys, we know you talk about it when you see your friends, sisters, and co-workers do it.

We get all ga-ga over a guy and do things that are out of character. I'm not talking about that white lie you told about loving to sky dive or that you find NASCAR interesting.... I'm talking about the blowing off of friends, hearing what we want to hear, and overlooking those glaring red flags that say you should run, not walk, from him.

Remarkably, I'm not talking about me (though I could have been the subject at many times in my life), but a girlfriend. All I can do is sit back and watch the train wreck occur.

You know she'll be on my couch in 6 weeks crying her heart and wondering why men are jerks. Well, honey, he was a jerk to begin with... and told you up front how he was .... and either :

a) you didn't hear him
b) you ignored what he said
c) thought you could change him

I get no pleasure out of "i-told-you-so's" and will not even go there. It's my job as the girlfriend to pat her on the back and make sure there is plenty of ice cream in the house. I also know I'll be baby-sitting her on the next Friday night while she drinks in a way that was only remotely cool in college (or was it???)

Women are dumb..... not because we go ga-ga, but because after the episode that I explained is inevitable.... we will blame the man. Yes, it will be a man-hating scene from Jerry McGuire where all the women in the bar will tell their latest date horror story.

This is the part where I lose patience.

The problem really isn't men (well, totally - there are some first class a-holes out there), but us women. If we wouldn't be at their call, drop our friends, and put up with them treating us anything less than with total respect, then they wouldn't act that way. Why do men act that way? Because they get away with it.

Cara, a friend of mine explained her success to a happy marriage.... she said her husband (feel free to disagree) only needs 3 things:
1) good sex
2) good food
3) a woman who doesn't bitch too much
I'm sure there are many women who just had their feathers ruffled about that. But for a moment, think about it......

Hmmm..... kinda true. Men are simple creatures, and not in an insulting way.... it's just us women like to complicate them.

Cara does those 3 things for her husband, and I'll tell you what, he treats her like royalty and they have been married 9 years.... not too shabby in today's world AND she's happy.

So women, let's stop being dumb, stop putting up with men who treat you less than you deserve, and let's not forget - they only dish out as much crap as you're willing to take.


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